The Hipster

Identifiable by their trendy threads, penchant for high priced coffee and obscure taste in music (‘needs more cowbell man’) the hipster is the purveyor of all things cool. In charge of making a product marketable, a hipster can often be overheard endorsing the mainstream use of Helvetica font, or lamenting how basic Ebay’s newsletters are. When they’re not meticulously getting things pixel perfect, they’re scolding you for using low-res images


The Hustler

A hustler has no sympathy for your excuses and little patience either. They’re the type of person who can keep to a kale only diet and actually go to the gym when they say they will. In fact, they pretty much stick to whatever fleeting thought, idea or resolute decision they ever make. Often conversationally gifted and nauseatingly charming, the hustler has a network to rival that of a wealthy suburban mum. Hustlers are the key to selling a product to the masses, as their way with words could get anyone on board with their vision.


The Hacker

Hackers are your typical tech heads who routinely appear more machine than human. With a knack for spreadsheets, data and all things logistics based, the hacker is in charge of arguably the hardest of tasks — creating the actual product. Not one for idle chat, a hacker’s razor sharp focus can have them tapping away at their laptop for hours, with silence broken only by the occasional grunt of frustration. When a hacker does choose to talk about the project, it’ll undoubtedly be in lingo nobody else understands.